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EBC brakes

Post by slunnie » Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:12 am

Brake setup 1:

EBC 2000 series Pads / OE rotors. The combination of EBC 2000 series Greenstuff pads on each corner and factory disc rotors proved to be an excellent combination in comparison the original equipment setup. The light braking effeciveness was substantially improved, though warm performance was roughly equivilent. Where this setup excelled though was in extreme conditions. As the pads and discs became hotter and hotter the performance continued to improve with braking drag increasing. I was able to tow a loaded tandam axle trailer with failed brakes down through a pass, with the braking limits being tyre traction for the entire distance down. Needless to say, I came away extremely impressed. The other benefit of the EBC pads, is that there is almost no brake dust produced that dirties and etches the alloys, and there is absolutely no brake squeel.

Brake setup 2:

EBC 6000 series 4x4 Pads / EBC slotted/dimpled rotors. The replacement setup was with EBC rotors that were slotted and dimpled, with the front rotors being ventilated as per factory specifications. The pads used were EBC 6000 series 4X4 Greenstuff pads again, which include a running in surface. The full EBC setup seemed to perform at a level that was reduced in comparison to the EBC 2000 series pad/OE rotors setup in all areas of braking. The area where they were significantly weaker was in the high heat temperature range. Driving the same downhill pass, with the same trailer with the same load, except this time the trailers brakes were very effective, the full EBC setup with 6000 series 4x4 pads still faded to a point where the brake pads were left smoking heavily. The vehicle was unable to stop effectively, taking well over a minute to stop with the aid of the handbrake. I'm not sure how significant the EBC revisions were to the brake pads, or how effective the EBC rotors are in comparison to OE Land Rover rotors, but the full EBC setup is not very satisfactory.

Brake setup 3:

EBC 6000 series 4x4 Pads / EBC slotted/dimpled rotors. This setup is with slotted and dimpled EBC rotors. The pads used were EBC 6000 series 4x4 Greenstuff pads again, though they have no bedding in surface on them. So far the combination of these pads and rotors is improved over the previous 6000 series pads. I have not tried enduring braking loaded down steep passes yet, though without a trailer I have induced fade coming down the pass on Bells Line of Road at Kurrajong.

Brake setup 4:

EBC 2000 series 4x4 Pads front + Lucas pads rear/ EBC slotted/dimpled rotors. This setup is with the EBC 2000 series greenstuff pad. Unfortunately I have the last set of these pads in the country and it seems that for Australia at least that EBC are not sending them over anymore. Hopefully my brake part supplier (BrakePro Parramatta) will be successful in convincing them that there is a need to do so. As there were no rears available in the EBC 2000 series pad, I have used the Lucas pad in its place. So far the braking performance has improved over the 6000 series pad, especially as the pad warms and you can feel the progressive increase in braking force as this happens. So far as the pads bed in the pedal is a little soft although I expect that will resolve in time. The rears are starting to produce a light squeel when braking, something that I had heard previously about the Lucas pad, though time will tell how these go as I'm also hoping it will be a running in only issue.

Brake setup 5:
Bendix 4X4 pads with Dba slotted rotors front and rear. This setup works well. The braking performance is good compared and comparable to previous pads. Wear has been excellent, bearing in mind distances are predominantly country km's. Rotors were replaced as at the end of the life of these pads the brakes were starting to develop a shake while braking moderately heavily.

Brake setup 6:
Bendix 4x4 pads with Dba slotted rotors front and OE rear. This setup worked well also. Braking performance was good. This setup was replaced when 1 front pad wore prematurely. Front Dba rotors came out looking fantastic. Rear rotors were grooved and looking worn.

Brake setup 7:
EBC Yellowstuff 4X4 pads with Dba slotted rotors front and rear. A new pad I imported from UK. I am highly impressed with this setup, more so than even with the EBC 2000 series greenstuff pads. See writeup.

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